Do You Have to Cut Your Dog’s Hair for summer?

Do You Have to Cut Your Dog’s Hair for summer?

Dog owners often wonder whether their hair should be cut in the summer months. The coat of a pet is designed to naturally keep it warm during winter and cool in summer. When you shave your dog, you generally interfere with the in-built temperature control system of its body. Know some of the top reasons why your dog’s hair should not be sheared during the summer months.

Shearing can make it hotter

The coat of your dog keeps it cool, and acts as a natural air conditioner. There are small muscles in dogs that are associated to their shafts of hairs, and lets hair stand up and get cooled in the breeze. This system is just like how humans have goose bumps. For instance, the double coats of Malamutes, Huskies, Akitas and a few other northern breeds aid in insulating them from the heat of summer. Shaving hair in summer may actually predispose dogs to heat stroke / heat exhaustion and sun burn. However, unkempt or matted hair coats might choke air circulation and can impede cooling of the body. It is better to brush dog coats daily during the summer months.

It can be more exposed to allergens

The shags can keep away all types of allergens. Dog fur works like a natural barrier and can prevent skin allergies in canines by keeping it protected from grasses, pollen, dust mites and more. When the coat is shaved, it can put the skin of dogs exactly in contact with allergens – which can lead to a breakout.

It can be more exposed to UV radiation

The fur in dogs works like a natural sunscreen. Its coat keeps its skin protected from being exposed directly to sunlight and its ultraviolet rays that may lead to skin cancer and sunburn. Shaved dogs and those not having a lot of hair, similar to the Chinese Crested, require a sunscreen that is safe for them – such as one that does not have PABA or zinc – on their exposed body areas such as the back. You should have a discussion with your vet to know about the sunscreen that should be used on your dog.

Re-growth of fur might be impossible

There might not be a re-growth of fur, or the fur might grow in an uneven fashion following a shave. Dog coats, in most cases, re-grow fully in a natural way. There are always risks of dog fur not growing back.

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