Published by : Alfred Torres

What is the Best Pet Carpet Cleaner?

Even if you have a well-trained pet, you cannot fully prevent the occurrence of accidents. Rather than shouting angrily at your pet, you may opt for a home cleaner that is dependable and can take care of all the animal hair and stain to keep your carpets smell and look fresh. Know about the bestRead More

What is the Best Kitty Litter on the Market?

Before buying a cat litter, it is essential to consider a few things – such as the affordability, quality etc. Although your feline friend will not verbally complain about the litter quality, it might feel uncomfortable if it is not up to the mark. Know about the best kitty litter to be found on theRead More

What is the Best Dog Food for Husky Puppies?

Nutrition is extremely important, irrespective of the kind of dog that you have. Dogs need the best foods with enough mineral, vitamins, protein and more to ensure proper functioning of the body. If you own a Siberian husky, an active dog breed, you would need nothing but the best. Know about the best dog foodsRead More

Do You Have to Cut Your Dog’s Hair for summer?

Dog owners often wonder whether their hair should be cut in the summer months. The coat of a pet is designed to naturally keep it warm during winter and cool in summer. When you shave your dog, you generally interfere with the in-built temperature control system of its body. Know some of the top reasonsRead More

What is the Best Pet Allergy Medicine?

Pet allergies are caused by exposure to the proteins from the urine, saliva or body oils of domestic pets, and are characterized by allergic responses that can attack the airways and eyes and may lead to rhinitis, asthmatic symptoms and more. Know about some of the best pet allergy medicines that are prescribed by medicalRead More

Can You Train your Cat to Learn Tricks?

It is popularly believed that cats, unlike dogs, cannot be trained. However, you can actually train these pets and teach novelty tricks as well as useful behaviors to them. Cats can even be trained to take part in running and other sports that witness tournaments. These are very intelligent creatures and you can train themRead More

Best Pet-Friendly Workouts

Regular exercise is beneficial for both humans and dogs. It helps to tone the body and fight against many ailments. Pet-friendly exercises are becoming very popular as people exercising with their pets tend to lose weight faster. Such exercises also benefit the health of the pets and further strengthens the bond between the humans andRead More