Can You Train your Cat to Learn Tricks?

Can You Train your Cat to Learn Tricks?

It is popularly believed that cats, unlike dogs, cannot be trained. However, you can actually train these pets and teach novelty tricks as well as useful behaviors to them. Cats can even be trained to take part in running and other sports that witness tournaments. These are very intelligent creatures and you can train them as many tricks as possible with a dog. Find out how to train your cat to pick up tricks.

Use positive reinforcement

Keep in mind that cats show desirable responses to positive reinforcement, and not punishment or other negative practices. You should use treats to make positive reinforcements for cats, whenever they act well or as desired. You can make use of foods such as commercial cat treats, meat-flavored baby food, low-sodium tuna, diced turkey or chicken and more, based on the individual preferences of your cat.

Use simple tricks

Have your cat get used to getting rewards in reaction to particular behaviors. Begin with a basic trick to exhibit to your cat that it can receive good things while your training sessions go on.

Keep practicing, although within limits

Go on practicing, although not more than limits. Repeat the training process for a number of times continuously, so that your cat is able to associate rewards with positive behaviors or activities. You will not like to bore or wear down your cat, but you will like to make it realize that a specific behavior is related to rewards.

Reinforce timing with a clicker

Just as with dogs, you can use a clicker for the reinforcement of training. Over a period, it is essential to reduce the number of treats. It is essential that you reward your cat as soon as it performs as expected. With a clicker sound, you can emphasize the point that a cat has behaved well. After sometime or over a period of a few days, your cat would begin to relate the sound with something that it did well. Then, you can get a perfect aid to make your cat behave as per expectations.

Move on to some other trick

After your cat has mastered the trick completely, try some other trick. Use clicker and treats to introduce your feline friend to basic tricks such as “come”, “stay” and “down”. Try your creativity. You would possibly like to think about teaching practical conducts to your furry companion such as walking on a leash.

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