Best Pet-Friendly Workouts

Best Pet-Friendly Workouts

Regular exercise is beneficial for both humans and dogs. It helps to tone the body and fight against many ailments. Pet-friendly exercises are becoming very popular as people exercising with their pets tend to lose weight faster. Such exercises also benefit the health of the pets and further strengthens the bond between the humans and their pets. Some popular pet-friendly exercises are discussed below:

Waggin Wall Sit

This is a great exercise which conditions the glute, hamstrings, and quad muscles. You need to stand with your back to a wall and with your feet shoulder width apart. Push your hips, lower backs, and shoulders into the wall. Then slowly walk your feet out as the upper body sinks to the floor. While keeping your hips and lower back against the wall bend your knees to form a 90-degree angle and hold this posture for 1 minute. The paws of the dog can be placed on the knees for added resistance.

Paws Push Ups

This is also a unique and pet-friendly exercise. You can ask your dog to sit on your back or lie down next to you while you settle yourself into a push-up position. Keeping the abs tight and the elbows tucked by your sides, lower your body until it hovers close to the ground and then again push back up. You should do as many as you can dropping from your knees to toes if required.


Swimming is a perfect exercise which can be done along with the pets. It is beneficial to people and dogs suffering from arthritis. Due to being a low-intensity sport, swimming is gentle on the knees. Swimming is a holistic exercise and works up different muscle groups, improves endurance, and strengthens heart and lungs.  While most dogs like swimming all of them may not be comfortable in water. You should slowly introduce them to shallow water while taking them for a swim along with you. If the dog still resists then seek some alternative form of exercise.

Rover’s Reverse Lunge

This exercise helps to condition the entire leg. To get started face your dog and ask him to sit. Then take a large backward step and lower your hips till your front thigh is parallel to the floor and the front knee is directly over the front ankle. You should use your front leg to push the body backward and then lunge with the opposite direction.  This exercise should be done in a slow and controlled manner for the dogs to become comfortable with.

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